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Regularly engaging with the language you want to learn is a vital part of language acquisition. And in our evening courses, you have the opportunity to do just that - in small groups and with a communicative teaching approach.

Our evening course consists of one fixed session of 90 minutes per week.

You will learn Spanish in a small group with an average of only five participants. The continuous development of language knowledge and skills as well as the practical application of the Spanish language are the main focus of the evening courses.

In addition to the continuous teaching of vocabulary and necessary grammar, the development of listening and reading comprehension skills is also an important part of this course. Furthermore, our evening course also places special emphasis on oral communication. We offer Spanish evening courses at all levels of the European Framework of Reference. Beginner courses start roughly every month. If you have previous knowledge of Spanish, you should first take our placement test, free of charge and without obligation. After the test, you will then know which of our evening courses best corresponds to your level. If there are any available spots in the respective course, you can start immediately. All evening courses are taught by our native-speaking teachers.

Course Type

group course with 6 participants on average & a maximum of 12 participants


1 month EUR 79
3 months EUR 218
6 months EUR 399


If you have previous knowledge of Spanish, please take our placement test first. We will then suggest suitable courses. For the beginner course, you can register directly.

You are welcome to register for the course of your choice either directly in our school or online:

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