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Your German exam in Berlin

DIE NEUE SCHULE is the examination center for your German exam in Berlin. Every month we conduct both the German exams of the telc Institute. In our German courses you will acquire the necessary content and knowledge to successfully pass the exams. However, you can also take an exam without attending one of our German courses.

telc German exams


Experienced examiners:
The German exams are conducted by our teachers who have several years of teaching and exam experience.


Small exam groups:
In our exam rooms, a maximum of 10-20 exam takers write an exam together. Due to these very small groups, you have sufficient peace and quiet and little waiting time.


Excellent organization:
The exams are carefully planned and organized and if you have any questions, you will always have a competent contact person here at our language school!

Why take a German exam?

The reasons why learners want to take a German exam are of course manifold.

  • Very often there is an institution that requires you to provide recognized proof of your German language skills. This may be a university to which you are applying. Or you may need an exam for your naturalization in Germany. Of course, there are also many employers who want an examination certificate.
  • Even if no one requires you to take a German exam, an upcoming exam can be very motivating for learning German. So an exam is always a goal you can achieve while learning, and you can be proud of a successfully passed exam.
  • Before you register for an exam, please consider what you need the exam for. If you are taking the exam for an institution, check what exams are required by the institution before registering for the exam. Sometimes this is not easy to find out, but of course it is very important information. We will be happy to help you with this!

Your German Exam at DIE NEUE SCHULE in Berlin

As mentioned before, first look carefully at which exam you want or need to take. At our school, we offer a variety of German exams, so you can choose the one that's right for you. We offer the exams every month, so you never have to wait long for an exam date. All exams take place in our course rooms in Berlin-Wilmersdorf.

telc German Exams

We offer exams of the renowned telc Institute in the levels B1, B2 or C1 as well as for university applicants the exam "telc Deutsch C1 Hochschule". The advantages of the telc examinations are

  • nationally and internationally recognized, especially for bureaucratic and formal purposes such as naturalization applications
  • free mock exams available
  • crediting of a passed part of the exam in case of exam repetition

Further information on the examinations, examination fees and the application form are available on the following pages:

telc Deutsch B1 | telc Deutsch B2 | telc Deutsch C1 | telc Deutsch C1 Hochschule

Preparation for your German exam

In order to successfully take a German exam, you should always prepare yourself thoroughly. Preparation first involves making sure that you meet the language requirements of the exam. Each of the exams we offer consists of four parts, testing your competencies in reading, writing, listening and speaking. In all of our German intensive courses and German evening courses, these four competencies are practiced. All courses are conducted in accordance with the European Framework of Reference for Languages. This means that the course content is aligned with the linguistic competence goals defined in the Framework of Reference at the respective level. Accordingly, meeting the language requirements for the exam is the basis for successful participation in the exam. In addition, you should intensively study the exam format. You should therefore know how the exam is structured, i.e. what types of tasks you can expect in the exam and how you can best master them. Each exam has its "peculiarities" and you should get to know these before the exam. Our German intensive courses prepare you for the exams of the "Europa-Zertifikat" series at the respective level. By taking part in a course, you ensure that you are fully prepared for the exam. If you are taking a telc Institute examination at levels B1, B2 and C1, you will find comprehensive information on the respective examination on the telc Institute website. We will prepare you comprehensively for the complex requirements of the exam "telc Deutsch C1 Hochschule" in a preparation course.

We wish you good luck for your exam!

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