Your telc German B2 exam in Berlin

At our language school DIE NEUE SCHULE you can take the exam "telc Deutsch B2" every month. The telc B2 German examination tests general German language skills at an advanced level.


Experienced examiners:
The exam is mostly taken by our teachers who have several years of teaching and exam experience.


Small exam groups:
You will write your exam in a very small group of no more than 10-20 people. This is not only more pleasant and personal, but also more efficient.


Attractive examination fee:
We offer fair conditions for telc exams and will send you your results free of charge via email once we receive them.


Professional organization:
We have been conducting German exams for more than 20 years. Our exams are professionally organized before, during and after the actual exam.

Exam booking
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Examination structure telc Deutsch B2

The exam consists of a written and an oral part::

Written examination:  
Reading comprehension and language elements (vocabulary and grammar) 90 minutes
Listening comprehension ca. 20 minutes
Writing 30 minutes
Oral examination:  
- with 2 exam takers
- with 3 exam takers

15 minutes
25 minutes
(plus 20 minutes preparation time)

You have a short break between the written and the oral exam. You will take both parts of the exam on the same day.

Preparation for the telc German B2 exam

Successful participation in the exam (almost) always requires good preparation.
You are well prepared if you meet two requirements::

  1. language requirements: Of course, your language level should be at least equivalent to the exam level. This means that for the telc Deutsch B2 exam you should have successfully completed at least level B2.
  2. knowledge of the exam structure: you should know what to expect on the day of the exam, i.e. how the exam is structured, what types of tasks you can expect and how you can best cope with them.

If you do not yet meet the language requirements, we recommend attending our German intensive coursesGerman evening courses or private lessons. In the German courses, you will practice your skills in the four competencies of reading, writing, listening and speaking. The German courses are conducted in accordance with the European Framework of Reference. In the courses at level B2, you will acquire all the knowledge and skills required to take an exam. However, exam preparation explicitly for telc B2 does not take place in the intensive courses and evening courses. To prepare for the exam, please use the extensive information provided free of charge on the telc Institute website There you will find a free model exam. We recommend that you work through the mock examinations within the time allowed.

During your telc Deutsch B2 exam

A few days before the exam we will send you an e-mail with information about the exam day. Then we will let you know the exact start time. Be sure to arrive on time for the exam. If you are late, you will not be allowed to take the exam. There is no right to a refund of the exam fees. Bring your identity card or passport with you to the exam. We will provide you with pens and notepaper. Of course, you can also bring your own pens. Please note that you may only write in pencil on the telc examination papers. No aids such as dictionaries or digital aids are permitted in the examination. There are vending machines for drinks and sweets near the classrooms, so that you can get something to eat during the break.

Exam results telc German B2

The exam results are available about 4 to 6 weeks after the exam. The exam is evaluated by the telc Institute in Frankfurt. Express-evaluation, i.e. particularly fast correction at extra cost, is no longer offered since 2021. In order to pass the overall examination, you must achieve at least 60 percent of the possible maximum score in both the written examination section and the oral examination. If you pass one part of the exam and fail the other, it is possible to have the part you passed counted toward the next exam. In this case, you would only have to retake the part of the exam that you did not pass. Do you have any questions? Then please contact us!

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