Semi-intensive course online

German Semi Intensive Course online

Your busy schedule makes learning German impossible? Not with the German Semi Intensive Course online! With two dates per week, each 90 minutes long - this course fits into really any daily routine - even for those who have a lot of other things going on as well.  So, you can combine work, university, sports, meeting friends and now also learning German. You can take the German Semi Intensive Course at DIE NEUE SCHULE both as a in-person course and as an online course. With the German Semi Intensive Course, you can really make the most of your time, because here even the commuting time is omitted. Because you can take part in the online lessons easily with just a few clicks - and it doesn't matter where you are! Whether it's your kitchen, living room or office - all these rooms can become your personal virtual classroom. Together with your classmates, you will be taught German grammar in live online lessons by our native German teachers with the help of interactive exercises. Furthermore, as with all DIE NEUE SCHULE courses, communication is always at the centre of the Semi Intensive Course. Since this is how you learn to actually use the language, you will improve noticeably with each session.

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German Semi Intensive Course online - your flexible registration

Because the German Semi Intensive Course has a duration of four weeks, you have the flexibility to register for each course individually, as it fits into your schedule. Alternatively, you have the option of booking several courses directly with our course packages instead of individual bookings and thus benefit from attractive discounts. At DIE NEUE SCHULE, you benefit not only from low and transparent prices, but also from a variety of other extra benefits. For example, you can access all your course materials anywhere and at any time via our library. In addition, our DIE NEUE SCHULE Community allows you to network with other participants. You also have the opportunity to participate in regular events and workshops.

Here is a summary of the most important information

  • live online classes on two dates per week
  • virtual classroom
  • continuous progress
  • interactive platform

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